Optimal Protection

Specially designed for optimal protection of the Toniebox controls. Our bag is the first on the market to offer uniquely placed internal storage. Precisely measured dividers provide extra support where it is needed most.

Available in 6 Colors

Presenting the Liebeszeug Toniebox travel bag in 6 vibrant colors. Choose a bag to perfectly match your Tonie Box, go neutral with gray, or get creative and mix things up. All 6 colors available now!

Eight Storage Pockets

Our travel bag comes with perfectly sized pockets that have space for 8 characters. All your favorite stories and songs effortlessly organized and ready to go.

Extra Space

Plenty of space for all your important accessories. Sturdy, adjustable dividers allow you to securely take along your child’s head phones and charger. Wherever you’re traveling, rest easy knowing your Tonie Box and accessories are secure and all in one place.

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