About Us

About Us

Hi, my name is Jessica, and I am the proud founder of Liebeszeug.

What exactly is “Liebeszeug”? Well, it translates from German into English as “Loved Thing” and as a mom of two, both under the age of five, I know that when you walk out of the house with your little ones, there are always those key items – those essential “loved things” – you need to bring along to make your day that much easier.

Not only am I a mom, but as a California native now living in Austria, it was important to me that our product reflected the timeless European style I have come to love, yet also the casual cool that is so California.

The end result: Our Tonie Box Travel Case. Simple, clean lines, but a pop of color to show your personality and create a kid-friendly aesthetic. Bring along those “loved things” — your Tonie Box and accessories!

Developed by moms in Austria, loved by kids all over the world!